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FactorFox is a program written specifically for factoring companies of all sizes.
Due Diligence
The Small Factor Series
Dash Point Publishing provides numerous books, ebooks, and many other resources for learning about factoring and how to run a small factoring business.
The International Factoring Association provides an annual conference, numerous workshops, tools, and more for factoring companies.
These magazines/ezines keep you up to date on what's happening in the factoring industry.

Grab your subscription so you stay current.
Are you a factor looking for clients? Are you a business owner looking for a factor?

FactorFind provides a means for you to find each other.
Underwriting new accounts is a crucial part  of a successful factoring company.

Here are some resources small factors use to perform their due diligence.
Every factor needs a good attorney familiar with factoring law and practices.

Jencks & Jencks is a law firm that specializes in working with small factors.
Considering a factoring franchise?

Here are descriptions of the franchises located in North America who bring factoring to businesses in the U.S. and Canada.
If you are looking for a course to teach you how to become a small factor, here it is.

This online course, due out by the end of 2014, provides you with everything you need to know: what factoring is, how it works, starting a factoring business, and running it successfully.

Go through the lessons at convenient times, at your own pace, from your home or office.
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factoring software for factors
Every factor needs good software to manage their portfolio.