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Factoring Small Receivables
Commission Express businesses apply the general factoring process to the specialty of factoring real estate sales commissions. Franchised locations advance real estate sales commissions to agents and brokers. The purchased commissions are usually redeemed within 30 to 60 days.
Interface Financial Group is a network of Franchise Owners, Area Developers and Headquarters Staff. Interface looks for franchisees with the ability to network, to adopt and implement its marketing program, and to use its operating system. Interface Owners have the option of operating this business from either a home or commercial office. Interface also trains its franchisees to factor real estate commissions.
Liquid Capital Corp. has created an international network of franchise owners who provide their business clients with specialized financial services centered on the core business of factoring with real credit authority. Franchisees, knowledgeable and experienced business people, develop their territory within an environment that encourages and rewards integrity, professionalism, and personal growth.
Saint John Capital Corporation Franchise Opportunity (coming soon).

Saint John will offer A to Z training and support for Transportation Factoring.  Saint John will provide all the necessary office equipment and technical support, as well as financing for invoice advances and a variety of corporate support services.