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Dash Point Services, Inc., a private Washington for-profit corporation, is the parent company of Dash Point Publishing, Inc., Dash Point Financial Services, Inc.,,, and their related web sites.

Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy and will not share or sell the information you provide with any third parties. Personal or business email addresses provided to our web sites or in the course of business are used solely for our services and will never be sold, reproduced or distributed.

Secure Credit Card Orders
When you order our products online, your credit card information is scrambled using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology through the VeriSign gateway. For maximum card security, all credit card orders are sent directly to the banking network for immediate authorization. Telephone credit card orders are entered manually on VeriSignís secure and password protected management site. We do not use terminals or telephone approvals for any credit card transactions.

Reproduction and Distribution Policies
No information on this web site may be reproduced or distributed without the expressed consent of Dash Point Services, Inc.

Web Site Links and Uploads
Our web sites contain links to other web sites. Except for those of our company, we do not control the content of such web sites which may change from time to time.

Dash Point Services, Inc. is not responsible for the content of listings or the content of hyperlinks posted by individuals or businesses unaffiliated with its companies, nor is it responsible for the outcome of transactions by users of this service.

Dash Point Services, Inc. reserves the right to refuse listings at our sole discretion.
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