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Factoring Small Receivables
Dash Point Publishing provides numerous books, eBooks, eProducts, and other training material. This includes Jeff Callenderís 5-book series, The Small Factor Series. Dash Pointís material teaches newcomers to the factoring industry how to invest in and profit with small business receivables.

This entry-level information is for those with little or no experience, including new factoring broker consultants. The material is written for small factoring operations and those starting in the field.

Other material introduces potential clients to factoring and can be used by brokers and small factors in their marketing efforts.
Expected to be released in late 2014, the Small Factor Academy is an online course which provides you with everything you need to know: what factoring is, how it works, starting a factoring business, and running it successfully.

It is based on several books and other resources written by Jeff Callender and available through Dash Point Publishing. provides manuals, handbooks, and legal/audit forms specifically for people having very significant funds with which to factor. Each resource comes with a CD. This material is not intended for the casual, part-time, or small factor.